Paul McClintock   Paul McClintock, PRP, CP-T

820 Cady Rd. # B307
Everett, WA 98203
Cell phone: 206-696-0689 or 866-PAUL-MCC (866-728-5622)


Paul McClintock became a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) in 1992, a Registered Parliamentarian in 2000, and a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) in 2002. Mr. McClintock received his Certified Parliamentarian credentials from the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) in 2004, was designated a Teacher of Parliamentary Procedure by AIP in 2008 (CP-T), and he is a member of the Commission on American Parliamentary Practice.

Mr. McClintock has extensive experience in various officer responsibilities, having served:

He has presided at conventions and chaired convention rules committees, written parliamentary opinions, and drafted original and revised bylaws and other governing documents.

Mr. McClintock has served

He has taught parliamentary procedure to middle school and high school students, parliamentary associations, churches, service organizations and professional associations.  He has written educational articles published by parliamentary associations (at search for author "McClintock" for a list).  He authored Meeting Tips, a free public service email tip sent once or twice per month to thousands of subscribers on behalf of one of his NAP units.

Mr. McClintock has a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Texas A&M University, and completed all but the dissertation in the Ph.D. Computer Science program at University of Houston.

Mr. McClintock is married, has four children, and has worked most of his career as a computer programmer/analyst.

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