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How to Join NAP and AIP

How to Join the National Association of Parliamentarians

To join the NAP you must first pass with 70% a membership exam of 100 questions taken from a published bank of 300. The 300 questions and the application are downloadable:

When applying you must pay national and state/province dues (if applicable; see page 3 of the application for amounts), which are refunded if the exam is not. National dues are now $60 for regular members, $80 for RPs, $100 for PRPs. Full-time students pay half-dues. Those taking/passing the exam in July-Dec pay full dues but the dues apply for that partial year plus all of the next.

Contact NAP for more information:

National Association of Parliamentarians
213 South Main Street
Independence, MO 64050-3850
(816) 833-3892
(888) NAP-2929
FAX (816) 833-3413 or (816) 833-3893

How to Join the American Institute of Parliamentarians

To join AIP, you only need to pay dues. If 29 or younger, annual dues (June 1 through May 31) are $45. If 30 or older they are $55. Full time students are $20, CPs are $65 and CPPs are $75. When joining Dec-May, half-dues are paid for the initial partial year.

Contact AIP for more information:

American Institute of Parliamentarians
P.O. Box 2173 Wilmington, DE 19899-2173
Tel: 888-664-0428 or 302-762-1811
Fax: 302-762-2170
Office Hours (Eastern Time) 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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