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A bibliography of books on parliamentary procedure, especially those suitable for use as a parliamentary authority, compiled by Lawrence J. Cisar, CP, RP, PhD, Japan.  Entries were submitted by members of the National Association of Parliamentarians and the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

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Parliamentary Books etc.

Prepared by Lawrence J. Cisar, CP, RP, PhD with the help of a lot of really nice people. To contact me, send email to or to


A History of Parliamentary Procedure 3rd edition by Dr. Darwin Patnode. Minneapolis: Parliamentary Pub., 1982

A Manual of Parliamentary Practice by Thomas Jefferson (1801). Reprinted by Applewood Books in cooperation with the Library of Congress, no date.

A Parliamentary Guide for Church Leaders, by Dr. C. Barry McCarty, Revised Edition Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman Press, [c1987]

Bibliography of Parliamentary Practice by Richard S. Kain Des Moines, Iowa : American Institute of Parliamentarians, c1976.

Bourinot's Parliamentary Procedure - Parliamentary Procedure and Practice in the Dominion of Canada (unabridged) by Bourinot, Sir John G (3rd ed.) Canada Law Book Company, Toronto, 1903.

Bourinot's Rules of Order by Stanford, Geoffrey H. (4th rev ed.) McClelland & Steward, Canada, 1995.

By The Rule by Lena La Nelle Hardcastle. Garland, Texas: Stuart Books, 1972

Cannon's Concise Guide to Rules of Order, Hugh Cannon, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, c1992.

Demeter's manual of parliamentary law and procedure; for the legal conduct of business in all deliberative assemblies 3rd edition. George Demeter. Boston, Little, Brown [1969]

Democratic Rules of Order (Complete parliamentary guide for meetings of any size), 7th Edition by Fred & Peg Francis, published by Francis 2000.

Hocking's Rules by Don Hocking (pb only), Simon & Schuster, Australia, 2000.

Mason's manual of legislative procedure by National Conference of State Legislatures in cooperation with the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries. Paul Mason. Denver, Colo.: National Conference of State Legislatures, c2000.

Meeting Procedures: Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for the 21st Century, James Lochrie, 2003

Members' Meetings in New Zealand by Mark von Dadelszen (pb only), Per Arduam Surgam, New Zealand, 1995.

Mina's Guide to Minute Taking: Principles, Standards & Practical Tools by Eli Mina. Vancouver: Eli Mina Consulting, 2004.

Modern Parliamentary Procedure by Ray E. Keesey. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1984

NAP's Leadership in the Spotlight by National Association of Parliamentarians, Education Committee 2001-2003 ; Connie M. Deford, chairman ; Patricia E. Dolan ... [et al.]. Independence, MO: National Association of Parliamentarians, c2003

Notes and Comments on Robert's Rules, Revised Edition, by Professor Jon Ericson. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, c2004.

Parliamentary Law Rules and Procedures for Conducting Conventions by Lena La Nelle Hardcastle. Garland, Tex. (P.O. Box 40081, Garland 75040-0081) : Stuart Books, c1982.

Parliamentary Law by Henry M. Robert. New York: Irvington Publishers: distributed by Halsted Press, c1975

Parliamentary Law for the Layman by Joseph F. O'Brien. Harper and Brothers, 1952.

Parliamentary Opinions by Virginia Schlotzhauer, William J. Evans and John R. Stipp. American Institute of Parliamentarians, 1982.

Parliamentary Practice by Henry M. Robert. New York, The Century Co., 1921.

Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance by O. Garfield Jones. New York, Hawthorn Books [1971]

Parliamentary Questions and Answers II by NAP. Independence, Mo.: National Association of Parliamentarians, 1970

Parliamentary Questions and Answers III by NAP. Independence, Mo.: National Association of Parliamentarians, 1997

Parliamentary Questions and Answers by NAP. Independence, Mo.: National Association of Parliamentarians, 1962

Pocket manual of rules of order for deliberative assemblies ... By Major Henry M. Robert. Chicago: S. C. Griggs & company, 1876.

Procedure of Public Meetings by Bourinot, Sir John G. Carswell Co. Ltd, Toronto, 1894.

Procedures for Meetings and Organizations, by M. Kaye Kerr and Hubert W. King. Toronto : Carswell, 1986.

Readings in Parliamentary Law (AIP), edited by Dr. Gregg Phifer. Dubuque, Iowa : Kendall/Hunt, c1992.

Riddick's rules of procedure: a modern guide to faster and more efficient meetings by Floyd M. Riddick & Miriam H. Butcher. Lanham, Md.: Madison Books: Distributed by National Book Network, 1991.

Robert's Parliamentary Syllabus by Joseph T. Robert. Scott Foresman, 1897.

Robert's Primer of Parliamentary Law by Joseph T. Robert Doubleday, Page & Co, 1922.

Robert's rules of order in plain English by Doris P. Zimmerman. HarperPerennial, 1997.

Robert's rules of order, newly revised, 10th Edition. Henry M. Robert III, Wiliam J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, and Thomas J. Balch. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Perseus, 2000.

Robert's rules of order, newly revised; a new and enl. ed. by Sarah Corbin Robert, with the assistance of Henry M. Robert III, James W. Cleary [and] Wiliam J. Evans. Scott, Foresman [1970]

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief by Henry M. Robert III, William J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, Thomas J. Balch. Da Capo Press, 2004.

Rules of Order: Being A Canadian Manual on the Procedure (abridged) by Bourinot, Sir John G. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1924.

Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th Edition by Alice Sturgis. Revised by the American Institute of Parliamentarians. McGraw-Hill, 2001.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Robert's Rules of Order by Nancy Sylvester, Alpha, 2004

The Funk & Wagnalls Book of Parliamentary Procedure by Lawrence W. Bridge. Funk & Wagnalls, 1954.

The majority rules: a manual of procedure for most groups by Farwell, Herman W. Pueblo, Colo.: High Publishers, c1988

Town meeting time : a handbook of parliamentary law / prepared by a committee of the Massachusetts Moderators Association, Richard B. Johnson, Benjamin A. Trustman, Charles Y. Wadsworth. Malabar, Fla. : R.E. Krieger, 1984.


Parliamentary Journal by American Institute of Parliamentarians.

National Parliamentarian by National Association of Parliamentarians.


AIP's Parliamentary Journal on CD ROM by American Institute of Parliamentarians.

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. Henry M. Robert III, Wiliam J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, and Thomas J. Balch. American Legal Publishing Co., 2004.

Online books

Cushing's Lex parliamentaria americana, 1856;type=simple;c=moa;q1=Luther%20S.%20Cushing;rgn=full%20text;view=toc;cc=moa;subview=detail;sort=occur;start=1;size=25;idno=AEW3838.0001.001

Jefferson's Manual, 1812 - Second edition (Constitution Society)

Reed's Parliamentary Rules, 1894

Robert's Rules of Order (1915) or

Robert's Rules of Order, 1876 - First edition (Project Gutenberg)

Warrington's Manual (1875) by William S. Robinson


"Mediating Electronic Meetings" Zhang, Chang, and Chung. Proceedings of 27th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (2003,IEEE)